Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Need Your Input

I have been making lunch bags for a while now for my etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/originalsbylauren .

I have had requests for a while for sandwich bags and snack bags, and would love some input.

I am thinking of making sandwich bags with the same foodsafe nylon lining that I use in the lunch bags, and a thin strip of velcro to close them.

I thought maybe a smaller snack bag too, or even possibly an oversize bag.

Here is what I need to know, would you prefer to buy these items individualy or in sets, and what would you like a set to consist of, how many, which size ?

I am planning on using some of the same fabrics you see already in my shop. Would you want your bags to match or be different, and what are your thoughts on children's novelty prints with a matching napkin?

I am also thinking of silverware rolls.

I would love any input you can give me, it is so hard to be objective.

Thanks, Lauren


StudioCherie said...

I love the napkins and silverware holder ideas too. You could always list both ways - as a complete set and separately. When people buy the sets, they get a discounted price, so even though they may not need the smaller snack bag, they get it because it's a great deal that way compared to buying just what they need separately. What about a zipper on the sandwich and snack bags? I think velcro would collect crumbs. Hope that helps. Sounds like a great idea!

Originals by Lauren said...

thanks Cherie, I think I like the zipper idea.

MySerenityWay said...

I was going to say the same thing about offering everything separate and then as a set with savings. I also think the zipper would be a better closure. It's just so darn hard to figure out what people want. They definitely are becoming more aware of the savings from buying wraps. Could you do any kind of a savings blurb and helping the planet? Appeal to theri "green" side.

Sandie said...

Hey Lauren!

I think I like the sets idea - I would be more likely to buy in a set. I think the lunch bag with 2 or 3 snack bags. Most often a Mom is buying one for her child for school, and so set is the way to go, I think. But I'd still tell you to offer some items a la carte for those that might want an extra snack bag.


Valentine Fiber Arts said...

Lauren, I love your selection of fabrics and think the idea of making snack bags etc. is great. I would offer individual as well as sets to see what sells and then go from there.