Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jewelry Clearance, Limited Quantities

Today I wanted to share with you an opportunity to pick up some one of a kind jewelry pieces .  I make sterling silver and copper jewelry, but will not be making any new pieces for sale.

I have 6 pendants left and am giving great deals on them. The currently aren't listed in my shop, as they were getting lost there, so if you are interested in purchasing them, I will reactivate the listing for you.  These are all my original designs and will make wonderful gifts.  Each comes in a handmade pouch.

 I would love to see all of these go to people that would enjoy them, so I am drastically slashing the prices.  If you are interested in any of these, please contact me through my shop  or leave me a message here.

The sterling with the stones are $30 each and the other 4 are $15.  You get real stones and sterling silver and/or copper, you can't buy the materials to make them for that price.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check Out What's New and What's Coming

Alot has happened since my last blog post. I thought I would share some of my new items with you from my shop .

I have made several designs of holiday potholders, some in traditional Christmas colors, and some with pinups.

I added a few styles of oven mitts. Right now I have male and female pinups, but if they do well I will add some other fabrics to the mix. They come in sets of 2 for $25. They make great gifts.

My most popular new line is sandwich, snack and food storage bags. They are made out of top quality 100% cotton fabrics with a foodsafe ripstop nylon lining. Here is the best part, they have a zipper! No velcro . They are machine washable, and will last for many, many uses.

I have lots of choices of fabrics, some juvenile, some pretty, even some a little funky. I sell them individually and in sets. They come in snack size, sandwich size, and a larger size for things like wraps, or for food storage at home.

I am thinking of adding bread bags, I am still working on the size. If anyone has any preferences in size, please let me know. I am deciding between one for french bread, one for bread machine bread, or just a large size that would fit most shapes of loaves.

I promise I will try to update again more quickly than last time.

thanks for stopping by, Lauren