Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little More Help, Please

You have been so helpful with my shop that I want to ask your advise again.

I opened a second shop last fall and it hasn't hit it's stride yet.

I carry childrens clothing, mostly girls, handmade and designed by me. I also have crib shoes, children's scrubs, and hospital gowns.

The maternity and children's hospital gowns are steady, but the clothing sales are stagnent.

Here is what I need from you, is my shop lacking something, do you like or dislike what I currently carry? Please be brutally honest, I can take it.

As an added incentive to you all, once I get this shop straightened out, I will be having a giveaway and you can choose which shop you want to take it in.

Thanks in advance, Lauren

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Kim's Crafty Apple said...

Hi Lauren! First, I LOVE the dresses I got from you for my girls. I have to say that I'm more inclined to by the 'unique' dresses like the Batik's than the commonly known fabric designer dresses - but that's just me. Your pictures are good but maybe see what a photographer would be to do a 'photo shoot'. I'm pretty sure that's what a lot of the top kids clothing sellers do to get those 'wow' shots... Hope this helps and please remember I do LOVE the dresses I got from you!