Thursday, May 13, 2010

De Los Muertos and Wine

I have just made some new lunch, snack and sandwich bags out of some really fun fabrics.
For anyone who doesn't know, de los muertos (day of the dead) is a holiday in Mexico celebrated around the time of our halloween. They bring sugar candy shaped like skulls to the cemetary and place them on graves of loved ones. The rain makes the sugar melt into the ground, thus sharing the treats with the deceased. Kind of a cool idea, I think.
I have Alexander Henry's interpretation of that holiday in white and in black, and the fabrics are wonderful.
I have also made some snack/sandwich bag
sets in Michael Miller fabric which is covered
in green leaves, purple grapes, and wine bottles
in both red and white. The fabric is really pretty.
As always, my bags are lined in food safe ripstop
nylon. The lunch bags close with a vintage button
and the smaller bags have a zipper.
and take a look at these and the many other choices for

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