Monday, May 3, 2010

Blatant Request for Fans

I know I might sound pathetic, but I am looking for some people to become fans of my facebook fan page Originals by Lauren. I have only been on facebook a few weeks, and I would like to build a solid base so that I can start doing giveaways and contests.

That being said, here's the deal, I currently have 50 fans, not bad for just over 2 weeks, but I would like to break 100 soon. As soon as I get 100 fans, I am going to do a facebook giveaway, so if you tell your friends about me, not only will I get more fans, but you will get a chance to win something fun!

Thank you very much! Lauren
P.S. there is a link to the right that will take you directly there

1 comment:

Valentine Fiber Arts said...

Way to go Lauren, I am already a fan and it I could be a fan twice I would go for it. This is a great idea, I should be doing this for my shop as well.