Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christmas Quilt In Progress (10 years in the making)

Ok, I haven't actually been working on this for 10 years. I bought the block of the month quilt at Joann's at the end of the season when it was on clearance 10 years ago. They did not have December, which is a very crucial month in a block of the month quilt, as it has all the finishing directions. I have made small Christmas quilts, but have always wanted a full size one. So every year I would pull this out in the fall and think, I can't possibley finish this in time and put it back. Last fall I decided to take the plunge ( and since it is a year later, you can see that it wasn't done in time). I got 11 months made and then thought , now what? Well, I called Joann's toll free number, and the very helpful woman mailed me a photocopy of the directions for the last blocks and the finishing.
I am doing my best to finish it before the holiday season this year. I am handquilting it, and I can't work on it in the hot weather, so I am starting to work on it in the evenings now ( ok , one evening just last night).
So, stay tuned to see if it is done for the 08 season, or if it takes another year. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it.
Just a reminder, the week of 9/22-9/26 is the Quiltsy trunk show on etsy. Who knows, maybe you'll see my Christmas Quilt in it! When I get exact times, I will pass them along.

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Crystal said...

Those quilts are beautiful!

Sorry just now posting. But yes i did receive the aprons. Chloie and I absolutely love them! That was so nice for you to make one for her. I'll get pics of us in them in the next few days and let you see them!