Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks DZFantasy

Donna at DZFantasy was nice enough to do any article about me on her blog. I was given a list of questions to answer, and she put a photo up too. Thanks Donna! Donna's link is on top, and her blog link is always listed on the side.

I am getting ready for our annual family reunion picnic. This is the third year , and once again it is in my back yard. We are scurrying around trying to get the yard ready. My husband is painting the back of the house, and we have the usual cleaning and pruning to do, not to mention cooking, shopping and getting organized. I always look forward to it, but really need it not to rain. Our group gets larger every year, and my house does not. Here are a couple of pictures from past years.

Thanks for stopping by, check Donna out.


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