Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brand New Month

Sterling & Copper Pendant
Sterling & Copper Earrings
Welcome to a brand new month. I always like July. It is the middle of summer , and we can lay back and enjoy the warm weather. School is out, and vacations have begun. I hope you all have a great month of lazy days.
Today I am showing you a two of my jewelry pieces. The first is a great pendant. The base is sterling silver and has been hammered with a design around the edges. The silver has been oxidized for a dark finish. There is copper soldered to the center. It hangs by silver tubing (also soldered) and copper wire. I know the picture is not great, but this is a very attractive piece, and one of a kind.
Next I have a pair of earrings. The copper has been textured for visual interest. The silver is hanging free of the copper, so they both dangle. They are hung on sterling earwires. I love to use copper and silver together. It makes the pieces go with more outfits, and I think they look a little more bohemian.
Please enjoy this first day of July. Lauren

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Dotty said...

Laren, your blog is looking FABULOUS! Love the earrings and pendant!