Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Green

When I go shopping I always bring my own bags. I have mesh produce bags so I don't need to use plastic.
I wanted to help you go a little green, so I came up with these great bags.

The first 4 are lunchbags. They are insulated and have ripstop nylon lining. The lining can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The entire bag can also be machine washed and dryed.
The bags are oversized and have a handle to carry them by. They have a closure so things don't fall out.
I have them in cotton, denim, even batik! Only $22 each. More designs to come, stay tuned.
I also have made bread bags. They are lined in the same ripstop nylon to keep the bread fresh, and have a velcro closure along the entire opening. The bag is large, big enough for a large bread machine loaf, or 2 smaller loaves. You could even slip a pie inside. No more plastic wrap or bags.
Snack and sandwich bags are also on the way.
Stop by and take a look, and remember , I am always happy to do a special order.

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La Alicia said...

oooh, love that cupcake bag!