Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Finally Finished!

Well, I finally finished my Christmas Quilt! I pieced it last year, and began handquiltling last fall. I still had the borders to quilt, and I finished last night (woohoo).

Now the big question, should I keep it or sell it? I really love it, but it would be really nice to sell a big piece.

This is a bedsized quilt. It measures 76" x 84". I measured it last night, so I will redo it later, as I am doing this from memory.

So, if you have an opinion on what I should do, or want to purchase it, please let me know.

Don't forget the Quiltsy Team Trunk Show in the virtual labs on Etsy. It will be held Monday 9/22 @ 7pm edt . We have 16 participants , and their work is fabulous and very professional.

There will be door prizes, so start you holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home.