Monday, July 27, 2009

July in Tuscany

We just got back from a wonderful vacation and I wanted to share a little bit of it.
Tim and I went to Italy for nine days in July. We flew into Rome and stayed at the Leonardo DaVinci Jolly Hotel for 2 nights and then drove to Tuscany, where we were the guests of Tim's brother Terry and his wife Anna. Their photo is the last one on this page.

They rented a beautiful villa and invited us to be their guests there. It was in the mountains with a breathtaking view. A wonderful time was had by all. There were between 10 and 25 of us, depending on the day. Anna's family lives in Italy, so there were always alot of them staying there.

One of the most beautiful sights was all the fields of sunflowers. They grow millions of them to make oil. It is breathtaking to see an entire hillside covered. Tuscany also has vineyards and olive groves, also very pretty.

The picture of the city is Florence. We spent a day there, and Tim and I bought new wedding rings to commemorate our 30th anniversary. They are so pretty, and it was very special to be able to do that.

We visited Sienna, Abreeza, Ambra, and Vatican City. It was such a wonderful time. I am very grateful for being able to go.

Enough for now, I just wanted to show a little of our trip.


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aosLeather said...

so lovely! What a wonderful vacation! I am so pleased you took this special trip!