Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally, my capes are up!

Well, here I am.  I know I have been mia for a really long time.  I sell alot of sets of scrubs to children, especially around halloween.  I decided to make some capes so kids can play dress up, and maybe use them on halloween too.  click here to view the whole line.  Here are some of my favorite pictures with my wonderful, adorable models.

I told you they are cute!  Right now I have little red riding hood, the big bad wolf/weirwolf, vampire/wizard, and 2 fairy princesses. They are one size and fit most children.  I use good quality materials and they are made to hold up.

Pick one up for your favorite child and let their imagination run wild!  I am always open to suggestions, if you can think of a style I should add.

thanks, Lauren


Jaci said...

These are darling and a good product expansion for your shop :)

sheena said...

These are so cute! The girls did a great job showing them off too :)

Amy said...

Adorable capes, what kid does not love dressing up and playing! Plus very cute kids modeling - from an unbiased mom! :)

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Too cute!!! Great capes (a cute models!)

laughingfridge said...

Those capes would make any child's imagination take flight! They are wonderful! Great job, Lauren!

Tarang said...

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