Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks,Dottie (more fabric, too)

I just read dottieral's blog and she did an article on me this morning! I am new, and that was so wonderful of here. Please check her out. The link is listed on the right.

I have a great Alexander Henry fabric and 2 feedsack for p&b fabrics. I also have a polished cotton floral. They'd all make great aprons.
So anyway, I am going to meet a high school friend for our Christmas lunch. Pretty sad, huh? That's how hard it has been to get our schedules to line up. Her father has been ill, which made it harder. I am really looking forward to it. We meet about halfway between where we both live in Cooperstown (yup, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame). So , I have an hours drive, so I better get moving. I hope everyones day is as pleasant as mine is sure to be. Lauren

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Dotty said...

How nice of you Lauren! Thanks for the mention! Love the fashionista fabric above. So cute!